It gives me immense pleasure and joy to invite and welcome you all, as Secretary General to the second edition of Poornima Model United Nations conference held in Jaipur, Rajasthan at Poornima University. The quality quotient of our conference matches standards that orients us towards our goal with the dedication necessary to make a difference. Our conference aims to engage youth in building an ideology aiming towards a better tomorrow.
MUN gives a unique platform where one gets to role play diplomats, politicians and other various stakeholders of society. A diplomat putting forward his country’s interest and a politician representing a party are some of the well-established highlights of these conferences. In the bigger picture we are stepping in others shoe to adopt a perspective. This two day exercise of walking in a different skin of politicians and diplomats and proposing solutions won’t make us one of them in the short term but it will surely give us the same sensation and understanding they possess. Our conference aims to cultivate this sensibility and thoughtfulness to international and national issues. Hence, the purport of our conference is not to empathize but to empathize in its veracity. We aspire to inherently cultivate a diverse perspective, we aspire to wear a profound mask and inspire this milieu of simulations. This lies at the heart of promoting innovation and development in international concerns. The ideology of our conference rests on this very foundation, as we aim towards a better world, a world that unites people, a world where justice reigns supreme and a world wherein individuals are able to share their thought for the cause of a better tomorrow.
Poornima MUN provides a platform to cultivate perspective and empathy in its truest essence to propose and suggest effective and realistic solutions concerning real and international issues. Hence for this year’s edition we will be simulating 5 committees, The United Nations General Assembly-Disarmament and International Security Committee, The United Nations Human rights Council, Lok Sabha, The United Nations Commission on Status of Women, and the International Press corps.
Poornima MUN is a conference that provides more than knowledge and skill development: it is an opportunity to create vivid memories and enjoy entertaining evenings and outings. For, that I encourage you all to participate in Poornima MUN and not to miss out on this one of a kind experience.
On behalf of the entire MUN team, I look forward to welcome you during April’s first week in Jaipur.
Best Regards
Lokesh Kumar
Secretary General





General Assembly-DISEC


Lok Sabha


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