General Information
MUN Experience
Payment Mode

*Poornima Foundation students have to select only Poornima Foundation payment option

Poornima Foundation Students*
Instant Payment
Scan the following QR code from Paytm app

You have to pay first for submitting the form
step 1:Scan the following QR code from Paytm app.
step 2:Make sure the payment is being made to 9694250607
belonging to Bhavesh Garg(USG Head of Finance).
step 3:For International Press payment amount = ₹1100/-
step 4:In the payment description/message add payment for
Poornima MUN followed by your name and phone number.
step 5:Note the transaction id for the payment you made.
step 6:Enter the digits of the transaction id below

Poornima Foundation Students have to submit fee at PIET fee window within 2 days otherwise your registration will be discarded.
Fee amount for Poornimites is ₹800/-

You have to pay your fee within 3 days.
For International Press payment amount = ₹1100/-
You have to submit your payment to any of secretariat member. If you have any problem then Contact:
Bhavesh Garg
(USG Head of Finance)